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  1. Somewhat of a good bye

    Well everyone, I wanted to at least 'close' this blog with a post as well. So here I am not really sure what to say or what to write, so I'm just waffling for the time being.

    I never really expected to 'leave' this place really. Well, I'm not really gone, but will no longer be the leader/owner and will be present ingame even more infrequently. But even on the forums I will be not very active any more. I mean I will still check in every so often and will respond to PMs but I will no ...
  2. I am sorry :(

    I am sorry for:

    not having been around much at all.
    not having played with you guys in a very long time.
    not having come up with new ideas for this community.
    not having made an effort to move us forward.
    being more or less completely out of touch with what is happening here

    I don't think it's particularly healthy for a community when it's so called "leader" is more like a visitor or lurker rather than an active part of it. It creates a bit ...
    Community , Bigeye's world
  3. It's been a while - but there is more!

    Well I first thought that I post a blog just for the heck of it simply because I haven't done one in ages. But there is more to it

    I am back in B'ham where I just started my final year at university. I'll be graduating this summer! Now there is a scary thought. What does that mean - well first of all it means that my time will again be limited for gaming; as if this was a change to the status quo ... I actually started to feel quite guilty about that. Last year wasn't exactly filled ...
  4. The crux that alters games and ruins them for the fans ...

    I came across this article via reddit today and the title "EA research said Deep Space 1 & 2 were too scary" amused me at first. I mean let's be honest here, why would you play that game if you wouldn't want a scary/horror experience?

    Deep Space 1 was first released in October 2008 advertised as a "sci fi survival horror". This line alone suggests that the game would appeal to a certain player that enjoys a scary game or a horror movie. So naturally the game created a fanbase that ...
  5. A gamers day - or nightmare that became reality really ...

    Oh the joy of games - well as long as they work!

    Star Wars stopped connecting me to any servers for no apparent reason by the end of last week, but didnt really take much note of it as I was busy and thought "ah, some sillyness will fix itself". But it didnt ... so it asked me to create a ticket via the ticketing-system ingame. Very well then, lets do that. But for some reason the system does not fancy connecting to the internet either.

    Ok well then - maybe a firewall ...
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