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  1. Dear Dice / EA ... Battlefield 3 eh?

    Now finally we had the first peeks at the new Battlefield! Which is promised to be the proper sequel to BF2. How exciting! Oh the expectations are high, oh the hopes are big and the wishlist is endlessly long. Will it be the next big thing? Will it engage me the way BF2 or 2142 did? Will I feel connected to the soldier again? Will the tactical and strategic debth be reach once again? Will it? Weill it?

    Well ... from what I've seen so far ... no!

    I'm not quite sure where ...
  2. Where did PC gaming go?

    When I have a moment during the day and find myself near an electronics- or game store I tend to go in there and just look at stuff and whats new, how much it would cost me in that store and all that other stuff women usually do when they go shopping. I rarely every buy anything but still, it is one of my ways to waste some time.

    Today was such a day. During noon I didn't have much to do and ended up in a shopping-mall. All sorts of stores in there and of course something called a ...

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  3. "The Start" - "How it all began" and "What I hope it will become"

    Well I thought I'll start a blog and write about stuff related to the community. Since I expect this to be read by visitors and people who will join the community in a year down the road I think I'll start with this and try to summarize my thoughts, hopes, reasons and plans for this community.

    When did it all start?
    Interesting question that. I guess it is time for a bit of History (for those that don't know it )... I know a few years back, Superfast joked ...
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