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  1. The continuing adventures of a gastronaut - Vegan tomato soup

    This soup takes about 20 minutes to make and is seriously good, cheap to make, healthy and can be used as a base for more flavours or even pasta.

    1. Fry some onion and garlic in olive oil until soft then add herbs of your choice.
    2. Add 2 cans of tomatoes and heat through.
    3. Take off the heat and (using an empty tomato can) add 2 cans of cold water.
    4. Place in a blender with a slice of white bread and 60ml of olive oil (use virgin olive oil for a peppery taste). Blend until smooth
  2. Going PS4 for open world

    I have bought a PS4 for a variation of gaming experience
    I've always been a big fan of open world games and since the next gen of consoles have come out, this style of game is becoming more and more dominant. I would say about two thirds of the biggest titles are now open world. I love the open world games, having just finished GTAV on PC in about 50 hours over about 2 months.

    The bundle I got is with Ubisoft's Assassin's creed (wink to BigEye) thats 20 hours, then next on ...

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  3. Somewhat of a good bye

    Well everyone, I wanted to at least 'close' this blog with a post as well. So here I am not really sure what to say or what to write, so I'm just waffling for the time being.

    I never really expected to 'leave' this place really. Well, I'm not really gone, but will no longer be the leader/owner and will be present ingame even more infrequently. But even on the forums I will be not very active any more. I mean I will still check in every so often and will respond to PMs but I will no ...
  4. Planned return to film making

    Squad will soon be here and it is set to be a great talking teamwork game. I just hope its pace and style is something I can get into. I want to get into it.

    I have researched the modern day recorders and the ones associated with the hardware GPU are the best linky, for me that means the AMD GVR,which I have tested. IT records fantastically and all voip sounds too, including my voice. THese modern day recorders have a very small hit on FPS, so its not the struggle it used to be in ...
  5. It's the Cumbernauld Gordon Ramsay again!

    Just made the-best-dinner-ever! It's a version of Soubise sauce over pasta. Variations include leaving out the cheese and adding nutmeg and pouring over baked cauliflower.

    This sauce is not healthy but tastes so good it's worth it.

    This makes several meals worth of sauce. It's also vegetarian. No really - stop laughing!

    2 kilos of frozen onions.
    2 garlic cloves, mashed.
    Half a pack of butter (approx 150g).
    Large glass of white wine. ...
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