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  1. Some things Ive been busy with lately.

    Thought I share some of the stuff Ive been busy during the summer and at work lately.

    First picture is a warehouse I build during the summer. Well I was suppose to finish it by fall but somehow it took a bit longer but I got it finished by now.

    This one is from the summer too build a shelter for my garbage bins. ...
  2. I am sorry :(

    I am sorry for:

    not having been around much at all.
    not having played with you guys in a very long time.
    not having come up with new ideas for this community.
    not having made an effort to move us forward.
    being more or less completely out of touch with what is happening here

    I don't think it's particularly healthy for a community when it's so called "leader" is more like a visitor or lurker rather than an active part of it. It creates ...
    Bigeye's world , Community
  3. Today I have mostly been....

    The weather here is a bit wild with a strong wind blowing our metal garden table and chairs about the place Once I've tidied up the garden I'll get ready for my trip to Leicester University tomorrow. A research group is trying to set up the same model of myocardial infarction as we use in Glasgow and have asked me to go down and trouble shoot for them.

    So how else to amuse the kids on a wet and windy day but get them making banana waffles. And here's how-

    6 eggs ...
  4. It's been a while - but there is more!

    Well I first thought that I post a blog just for the heck of it simply because I haven't done one in ages. But there is more to it

    I am back in B'ham where I just started my final year at university. I'll be graduating this summer! Now there is a scary thought. What does that mean - well first of all it means that my time will again be limited for gaming; as if this was a change to the status quo ... I actually started to feel quite guilty about that. Last year wasn't exactly filled ...
  5. Solution to Planetside 2 low FPS

    My solution is to upgrade to a Intel i5 3750K CPU !
    Thats a powerful piece of kit !
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