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  1. PS2 moves from "hope it is" to "could well be" the next big teamwork game for S7

    I am in the beta of PS2, along with Jazy and Mojay

    In the last several month's I have "hoped" PS2 would be the next big teamwork game for S7
    Over the last 1.5 years we have stayed a thriving & positive community, despite being fragmented over several games and living through the false hope that was Battlefield 3
    But after playing PS2 I am upgrading it from "hope it is" to "could well be" the next big teamwork game for S7

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  2. The crux that alters games and ruins them for the fans ...

    I came across this article via reddit today and the title "EA research said Deep Space 1 & 2 were too scary" amused me at first. I mean let's be honest here, why would you play that game if you wouldn't want a scary/horror experience?

    Deep Space 1 was first released in October 2008 advertised as a "sci fi survival horror". This line alone suggests that the game would appeal to a certain player that enjoys a scary game or a horror movie. So naturally the game ...
  3. Battlelog VOIP as a business decision


    VOIP — Voice Over IP — a way of voice communicating on PC, is one of the many requested features for Battlefield 3. However, according to DICE’s Daniel Matros, there are currently no plans of implementing the feature right now. When asked about VOIP on Twitter, Matros replied, “Won’t be implemented as is right now”.

    We still find it surprising that DICE omitted VOIP communication for the
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  4. Mojay quote at 2.21 am

    Mojay quote at 2.21 am
    In talking about free MMO with microtransactions
    MrMojay "The one thing you cannot buy is teamwork"
    Me "Thats like a quote from somewhere"
  5. What's this casual gaming?

    This is a question I've been pondering real hard as of late. The question has taken me back trought the bysantine labyrinth of my own motivations for gaming in the first place. Why do I spend my time staring at the monitor and clicking away trought hours at an end?

    The first most obvious answer would be, I guess, to have fun. But from what is this fun made of? Is gaming fun because it takes me out of my everyday surroundings into a wonderland where I can do stuff that would be impossible ...
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