• Section 7 - gone mobile and chatty!

    Section 7 gone mobile and chatty!

    Just a few moments ago we've installed two new plugins for the forums. Firstly you'll notice the new bar at the bottom of your screen. It mainly serves as a chat-system very simelar to the one used on Facebook. Your friendslist on the forum just become more important than ever - because now you can chat with your friends direclty only useing the forums!

    Secondly we're now running tapatalk. With this plugin it is much easier to access the forums via your mobile. You will need to download the tapatalk app (sadly it costs something around 2,50 EUR). Once you're in you can search for "Section 7" (Category: Entertainment, PC) and you will find us.

    I hope you'll enjoy and like the new additions and have great fun useing them! Keeping in touch - S7-style

    -S7 Administration
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