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I think I got kicked from a server ...

Admins kick for rule violations. Depending on the violation it is likely that there was a warning beforehand.
If you wish to discuss the reason for you kick please head to the respective game forum and post a thread in the "Contact an Admin" forum. We will be happy to help you out.

I got banned - now what?

If you got banned from a server please head to the respective game forum and create a thread in the "Contact an Admin" forum. We will be happy to sort things out.

Important!: Bans are only discussed in that semi-private forum and every attempt to deal with this publicly will be deleted.

I am not happy with the way my appeal/situation was handeld - what can I do?

If you are unhappy how your situation was handled you may contact the head admin directly and try to resolve the situation there.

If you feel that you still have been treated wrongly you may contact a community officer. Either directly or in the "Contact Site Administration" forum.

If you still feel unhappy about the way your situation was handled you may contact big-eye101 directly. He is the final level of jurisdiction.

What is a "Contact an Admin" Forum?

We use this semi-private forum to communicate with members in private. All discussions regarding kicks/bans/etc must be in that private forum and will not be discussed in public. Users can only see threads they have created and are unable to see any threads from other users. The entire admin team is able to read and respond through that forum and will deal with any situation that may arise in there.

You may also use this forum for:
seeking help
seeking advice

What is an admin?

They are trusted individuals, who deal with offenders and discuss the course of game. They report back to the headadmin and are leading personalities for a game.

What is a headadmin?

The headadmin is leading the respective admin team. He is reporting back to the community officers / administration and is running the game here at section7.

What is a community officer?

Community officers can also be considered executives of the Section7 Administration. They are responsible for a variety of tasks and are key advisers to the administration team. They are also a resource of help and guidance for head admins, admins and members of this community.

How do I become an admin/headadmin/community officer?

Admins are chosen by the existing admin team, they discuss an potential candidate and observe him/her for a certain period of time. The headadmin makes the final call to bring someone aboard. Admins are only added if there is need for it.

Headadmins are chosen by the community officers and should have been an admin for some time. They are chosen out of the exiting admin team. Usually a new headadmin is only appointed if the existing one decides to step down form an active head-admin position.

Community officers are chosen when there is a need for reinforcements. They work with all the admins and groups here at section 7 and provide help and guidance to the headadmins. They must have experience with admining our servers as well as truly understand our ethos and our philosophy as they are key advisers to section7 administration.

How can I report a problematic player?

There are a few ways you can help us creating the gameing environment we try to create here. Something we very much need your help with is reporting problematic players to admins. You have a few options on how to do that.
1) Over Teamspeak. If there is an admin present on TS get his attention and report the player by name and rule violation. Answer any additional question the admin may ask.
2) Ingame. It is possible for the admins to see ingame text. to get their attention start your line with "admin" or "ADMIN" the standard way to report is: "Admin - reporting: Playername for ruleviolation" eg.: "ADMIN reporting: jazy2 for bunnyhopping"
3) if there are no admins present on ts and you are not sure if your textreports have been noticed. Take a quick note of a player and report him later on the "Contact an Admin" forum. We will take action against problematic players in retrospect.

How do admins deal with thing?

The standard procedure is warn >> kick >> ban There are a few things admins have to take into account and it is possible to skip the warning and go straight for the kick, or even straight for the ban. It depends on general mood on server (many rule breaking) and also on the nature of the violation. Admins are trusted and are to use their best judgement. The purpose of warn/kick is to get their attention and 'educate' them or eventually permanently remove them. The standard ban is set to permanent and is considered for removal upon request, it is up to them to contact us and not the other way around.

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