Section7 - The Teamplay Gaming Community FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What is this community all about?

The community is build around seven principles.

Maturity & Respect,

Fairplay & Good Sportsmanship,

Welcoming & Friendly,

Fun for all,

Teamwork & Teamplay,

Communications & VoiP,

Strategy & Tactics,

All of this principles and an explanation can be found in the Ethos

What are the goals of this community?

"The section seven community has been founded around 7 principles. We behave and conduct ourselves by these principles throughout the forums and games we play. We endeavour to build a great community, in which members work together to maximise their enjoyment of their hobby by creating an environment in which our seven principles shape the dominant mindset."

This is the intro text of the ethos and defines our goals. All the 7 principles as well as an explanation can be found in the ethos. It builds the foundation of this community.

How can I join this community?

We have an open policy and everyone that is willing to play by our rules and ethos is welcome to join up. A simple registration at the forum is enough to become a member. We do NOT have any tryout periods or anything like that.

Difference between community and clan?

A question we hear very often is "how can I join your clan?" the most common answer is "We are not a clan we are a community?"

That means that we are composed of individuals that work together to further their enjoyment of a hobby and forming a community. We invite everyone who enjoys playing by our rules and spirit of this community. The only requirement to join is to agree and follow our rules and ethos.

When can I put the tag on?

Basically we leave that decision up to you. Once you wish to show your support for [S7] you may put on the tag any time you like. You do NOT have to be a supporting member to put on the tags.

However it is important to note that you will be held to higher standards by the admins when it comes to rule infractions. Something we also encourage people to do is to post in the "Wearing the [S7] tag" either in the general forum or in the respective game forum.

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