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Thread: New to Section 7? Read me to find your way around!

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    New to Section 7? Read me to find your way around!

    Welcome to Section 7 - The Teamplay community.

    It is great to see you have decided to join us. We know very well that it can be a bit confusing and time consuming to find your way around a community that you just joined. So this thread has been designed to help you getting orientated.

    First of all there a few theads that are required reading for all members.

    • The Ethos - The ethos outlines our philosophy and way of gaming. It is describing how we wish to play and conduct ourselves in every game and on the forums. This seven principle describe what the community is all about.

    • Forum Rules and Regulations - This thread has a list of rules and regulations regarding posting on the forum. It mostly goes without saying that some things are not to be posted but there are also one, two unique points we do not welcome here.

    Those are the two most important threads for you to get started. Once you made your way through them it is time to say hello so we can welcome you properly! We have a thread called Drop a Hi! (click me!) where we can welcome you properly by posting there.

    So far so good. But as already mentioned things can get a bit confusing. Where to post? How do I find the game I play? Where is the action taking place? The basic forum structure is divided into four categories:

    • General Forums - here you find the forums that are non-game specific and are used for general information or chatting. Including the "I want to game with my S7-Buddies" thread where people post if they wish to play a certain game at a specific time.

    • Server Supported Games Forums - Under this category you find the subforums of games that have their own dedicated section 7 sever. All the information for that particular game can be found there. >>>> At this time however, we do not have any servers Hopefully soon, as our community grows!

    • Games that are played Forums - Here you find games that are played by S7-Members but are not supported by a dedicated section 7 server. The forum called "Other Games" is a forum that contains several posts each of them containing information about a single game that is played every so often, however interest or activity for that game does not warrant it's own subforum.

    By now you have the very basic idea of what the community is all about and where you can find information or post accordingly. There is one more type of forum that I like to explain to you before you head off into the teamplay world. The forums I am talking about are the so called "Contact an Admin" forums.
    These forums are used to talk to the administrators of that particular game or the site administrators themselves. This serves various purposes: Those threads are private, only you and the admin can see the thread you create. You can use it for questions, suggestions, reports, etc. If you like to learn more about the administrative structure there is a thread describing the organisation of this community.

    Should you consider adding the [S7] tag to your ingame player name please read the "Wearing the S7-tag" first so you know what that means for you and for us.

    Once again welcome to section 7 we hope you enjoy your time here!
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