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    Foreign Policy

    We at S7 are proud to uphold high standards in maturity, respect, good sportsmanship, friendliness and lastly but definitely
    not least teamplay. In order to maintain our high standards and to portray them positively when visiting other servers and
    communities/clans we conduct ourselves not only in accordance with the ethos but we also abide by their server rules.

    S7 wishes to build a positive reputation and in order to do that we need to play and behave as we would on an S7-Server.
    That means we:
    • play and obey server rules that are laid out on the server we visit
    • if you strongly disagree with a rule you are to obey it regardlessly, you may want to consider leaving the server
    • post and behave appropriately on other forums, that includes signatures
    • we will not engage in heated arguments but rather maintain a constructive and objective attitude

    it can be summed up in: "We comply with local law"

    Offences committed on other servers are taken as seriously as if they were committed here. Because they cast a shadow over the community and portray us in a negative light. The principles of the Ethos apply regardless of servers/forums for S7-members.

    We endeavour improving our gaming experience and that includes contributing to a positive experience when playing with other people and members of other communities/clans.
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