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Thread: Squad

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    Made with the Unreal engine, going to go commercial thanks to the new cheap licensing model that Unreal introduced.

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    Re: Squad

    Interesting. Thanks for pointing this out Mo! I wonder what will happen with PR2. Will the production be canceled altogether or will there be competition around the secuel. I would wager that the development of PR2 will just cease quietly.

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    Re: Squad

    This is a big deal
    Bringing PR into the modern world on a modern engine
    I will definitely give it a go, (even though I personally didn't like PR in its last form)

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    Re: Squad


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    Will try it out, looks good fun!

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    Re: Squad

    Will see what comes out of it, but for now i have zero interest. Maybe this is because of another community trying to force PR in BF4 on every player. I like BF4 classic and hope to play that for a long while.

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    Re: Squad

    Seems the Squad development is quite fast-paced at the moment. I'm liking what I'm seeing thus far. Unlike some bigger companies they seem to be concentrating on game mechanics and stuff like VoIP early on, which seems to me like the right direction to take. One of the big annoyances I have is, is that the we're once again looking at US vs insurgents setup. Some variety in this regard would have nice, even if I really liked playing insurgency on PR back in the day.

    August update:

    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin
    As I'm sure you guys noticed I am no longer doing updates every week and am now planning on doing progress updates more like once a month or so. This is largely because I feel its unnecessary with many of you helping us to test the game now (and thus able to actually see progress directly), but even in the long run I feel a 1 - 2 status updates a month is a good number that strikes a balance between them being too sparse and being a hassle.

    Feature wise here are some of the major things that have been added and/or completed in the past few weeks (in no particular order):

    Early code for the spawn screen.
    Selectable spawn points and spawn groups.
    Capacity for spawn delays.
    A dead screen, and a countdown timer for spawning in.
    Nametags for players.
    Chuc's compass to the bottom of the screen.
    Early functionality for weapon HUD's, and an indicator for current firing mode to go along with it.
    Grid markers to the map.
    The functionality for an admin list, a ban list, and admin commands.
    Admin commands for restarting and ending the round, kicking players, and adding players to the ban or admin list by name or id.
    Much of the code required for low detail crop field grid generation.
    Procedural texture generation for crop fields.
    A Density map for varying the crop density at the edges of a field.
    3 new soldier models for the US Army, and 3 new soldier models for the Taliban.
    Added the Taliban as a faction.
    Random mesh selection on spawn.
    New statics added to the map.
    Updates to the standing and crouched movement animations.
    Added completed rallypoint model in game.
    A tool for testing distance sounds.
    The high and low poly models of the RPK.
    A number of bugfixes.

    In the coming couple weeks our big focuses will be:

    The code and GUI for squads.
    The code for a basic inventory.
    Finishing up the fields system.
    Finishing up the last few weapons (92FS, RPK and M249)
    Importing and creating animations & sounds for all the weapons created thus far.
    The code for vehicles, the first of which will be the HMMWV.
    The code for playable roles, the first of which will be Officer, Medic, Rifleman, and Automatic Rifleman.

    As always thanks for all the help thus far with testing!
    September update:

    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin
    In the past month we have added and fixed (in no particular order):

    Squads, Fireteams (which aren't exposed currently, awaiting a more extensive UI), and Rallypoints.
    The completed procedural crops system, along with a generation tool for it.
    Distance sounds, starting with the M4.
    New statics for the afghan environment.
    Diagonal movement animations.
    Basic inventory, the switching of weapons, and to go along with that deploy and undeploy animations for all the current in game weapons.
    A number of newer and more polished textures for the HUD and Map.
    New weapon animations for the M4, the AK74, and the Makarov (both normal and dry reload)).
    Updates and improvements to crouched and standing movement animations, along with the completion of sprinting animations and the beginnings of slow movement.
    A number of updates to various weapons textures to improve the look for Physically Based Rendering.
    Fix to player movement and collision meshes on all our statics so stairs work now.
    Added initial code for vehicles, and the first vehicle, a HMMWWV.
    The first throwable animations, done for the m67 grenade.

    For the coming month we have planned:

    Making VoIP fully functional, including having input configuration, broadcasting to specific groups / people (your squad, all squad leaders and specific squad leaders), and broadcasting positionally to nearby people.
    Getting vehicles to a playable state and a more expansive terrain / map to test larger scale combat.
    Making the beginnings of the roles system (Officer, Medic, Rifleman, and Automatic Rifleman), which will have simple static index based inventories at first.
    Making the sounds, weapons and animations for the equipment we have lined up for the various weapons of kits.
    A rudimentary medic system (almost surely very simple but still functional at first to fill its gameplay purpose), paired with varying damage amount based on hit location.
    Substantial UI work.

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    Re: Squad

    October update:

    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin
    In the past month, we have added and fixed (in no particular order):

    Upgrade of the game to use UE v4.5, and various compatibility fixes to allow that.
    Extended UE4's base VoIP system to include a channels system and positional VoIP.
    Added initial voice channels for Squad members, Squad leaders, and nearby players.
    Imported the following weapons/equipment in game:
    Makarov Pistol
    M67 Grenade
    RPK Automatic Rifle
    M18 Smoke Grenade
    RKG3 AT Grenade
    US Binoculars
    Soviet Binoculars
    GP25 UGL
    M9 knife
    Medical and Ammo bags
    NATO Shovel
    F1 Grenade
    Field Dressings
    Added animations for the:
    Makarov Pistol
    M67 Grenade
    US Binoculars
    Added sprint and walking animations.
    Improved the base poses and animations for our current set of movement animations.
    Improved hit detection.
    Expanded environment to include greener fuller areas.
    Added numerous weapon LODs.
    Added a number of new footstep sounds for all of the various physical materials and the different movement states.
    Made improvements to gunshot and footstep sound attenuation.
    Added unique sounds for dry reloading.
    Improved the base bullet impact effect.
    Added unique impact effects and sounds for all of the various physical materials.
    Added muzzle flash effects.
    Made a number of scaling fixes.
    Various minor code bugfixes.

    For the next month we have planned:

    Public rollout of our website
    Grenade code
    Initial Roles System
    Initial Medical System
    Team and Spawning Menu
    More weapons

    We'll soon post some more highlights, blogs and a new video showing a lot of the above stuff as part of our effort to stay extremely open about our development process.

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    Re: Squad

    November update:

    Quote Originally Posted by Merlin
    Here is a summary of the things that we have been working on over the past month!

    Made numerous improvements to VoIP functionality and quality in Unreal Engine, including multi-threaded input / decreased latency, automatic gain control, echo cancellation, network prioritization, selecting input devices and jitter buffered output.
    Made improvements to our movement system, in particular integration of a sprinting animation system, dynamic free-look and smoother movement.
    Made visual improvements to our movement animations to coincide with fixes to the system and the addition of sprinting.
    Added a tracer implementation.
    Began work on our throwable weapon animation system.
    Added animations for the M18 Smoke grenade, RKG3 AT Grenade, and made numerous improvements to existing animations as we improved our animation systems.
    Began preliminary work for in game menu's.
    Completed the layout and graphical design of our website.
    Made substantial progress on the Front-end of the website in preparation for it's initial launch, and began work on the back-end, in preparation for our fundraising campaign.
    Made Improvements to our server infrastructure in light of recent attacks on our forum.
    Included new footstep sounds for various materials, and body / gear movement sounds for both factions.
    Numerous additions and improvements to weapon firing sounds and attenuation.
    Created new static models for the afghan environment, and made performance fixes to existing ones.
    Work on dynamic distance field shadow integration.
    Various minor bug fixes.

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    Re: Squad

    I cannot wait to see the game when it is finished, especially because they are using the new unreal engine licensing model of $20 a month and just 5% royalties.
    What they have made so far is pretty impressive.



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