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    Section7 Organisation

    Section7 Organisation

    Level 1 = S7 Leadership

    • Hablos and OneEar
    • All full admin powers over forum, servers and games
    • Deals with all money related matters
    • Has final say in community decisions
    • Final level of jurisdiction

    Level 2 = Senators
    • Section 7 Senators are volunteers who take an interest in the community and wish to serve by help making key decisions.
    • They are trusted and usually long standing community members
    • Anyone can be a Senator as long as they maintain their Supporting Membership
    • Excluding level 1 there is a total of 5 Senators
    • Current members of the Senate decide if a person is fit to join as a Senator
    • Senators can, but do not need to, hold forum moderator rights
    • Senators can, but do not need to, hold teamspeak rights

    The Section 7 Senate
    • Members are the Level 1 S7 Leadership & Level 2 Senators.
    • Has private forum
    • This is the main place for making community decisions
    • Discussions are open and honest
    • Discussions go on as long as needed to, to make the correct decision
    • The Level 1 S7 Leadership has the final say in community decisions if needed, however a group decision is generally considered the best approach
    • The guiding principle in decision making is our Ethos

    Level 3 = Community Playerbase
    • All of our community members, whether S7 tagged or not, whether paying members or not
    • Also includes everybody serving the community in Levels 1-2
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