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Thread: Handy Ship Planner

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    Handy Ship Planner

    Currently using this to plan ahead my next ship loadout. Super useful little tool

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    Re: Handy Ship Planner

    Got stuck in an unexplored system during a mission today, and I ran out of fuel. I lost my first ship. Thankfully it was only the basic one. Sad experience.

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    Re: Handy Ship Planner

    there is a player group that will come and refuel your ship for free and are always around 5 minutes away called the fuel rats. life savers in the early days!

    I'll add you in game and we'll get you ranked up to a better ship soon

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    Re: Handy Ship Planner

    These things happen, it's early days and you'll soon get the hang of it

    Didn't know about the fuel rats, Psy! How do you 'summon' them?

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    Re: Handy Ship Planner

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    Re: Handy Ship Planner

    Quote Originally Posted by Psykonaut View Post
    We should think about making a sticky post with useful websites. Thanks for the great links!



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