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    Supporting Member System

    One of many ways to contribute to our community is to become a supporting member and donate money. Supporting members are key to keeping this community alive and the servers supported.

    All funds go into a central pool that finances things like: Forum software, game servers, teamspeak etc. Not a single individual receives any money for their service. All funds that are not spent on month to month expenses are stored away for future game launches, server and forum improvements etc. Every single euro that the community receives will be invested back into the community!

    It is important to note that this is considered a donation and not a contract or purchase.

    As a thank you for your donation we grant you certain benefits:
    • Fancy bar under your forum name
    • Access to the private "supporting member" forums
    • Private messages limit doubled
    • Ability to blog here on the website
    • Reserved slot on our servers (if there are any)
    • Preference in scrims roster
    • Ability to upload small attachments

    There are currently two options of becoming a supporting member, with all donations conducted via paypal
    • A monthly subscription of 1,50 EUR (recurring - can be cancelled on paypal and not on the forums)
    • A yearly subscription of 15,- EUR (non recurring - non refundable)

    Or you could choose to donate more and go prestige ! ---- HAS CURRENTLY BEEN DEACTIVATED ---

    • Prestige monthly subscription of 3,- EUR (recurring - can be cancelled on paypal and not on the forums)
    • Prestige yearly subscription of 30,- EUR (non recurring - non refundable)

    Also becoming a supporting member does not make anybody's opinions more important than a non supporting member. Supporting membership is not required to wear the [S7] tags.

    The money donated serves to help us keep this place alive and thriving, we greatly appreciate your support for [S7]

    Thank you

    If you wish to become a supporting member - head over to your settings (top right) and click on "Paid Subscriptions" linky
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