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Thread: Anthem

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    Also this looks like it could be fun.

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    Re: Anthem

    Free VIP demo this weekend if you have pre ordered it or have Origin access.
    Im downloading it now not sure if I get a chance to try it out but will try to make some time.
    Also got 3 invites to send to friends if someone likes to try it out. Let me know.

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    Re: Anthem

    Looks sweet, might be worth a try

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    Re: Anthem

    Quote Originally Posted by FINArsi View Post
    Also got 3 invites to send to friends if someone likes to try it out. Let me know.

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    Re: Anthem

    I'm in. Installed and ready to go.

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    Re: Anthem

    I played about 4 or 5 hours of this and I quite enjoyed it, should be good with 4 of us in a squad, I played on my own and with some online players and enjoyed both experiences.
    I enjoyed the battles and the range of abilities/weapons, some of the weapons like the shoulder mounted lock on missiles were great to use but take a long time to recharge.
    There is crafting in the game, I did not play with it that much, but apparently you can craft and tweak weapons to your liking, there seems to be a lot of abilities and loadouts depending on the suit/class you choose.

    Flying in the game is handled very well and is fun to use, jets overheat after a while and you have to land, landing from a great height is not an issue, you can also hold down the Melee button when landing to add some extra wallop to the enemy.

    If you go down you can be repaired by your teammates, the deployable shield comes in handy for this very reason as the battles can be intense at times, the shield must be selected in your loadout, it is not on by default.

    Some of the enemies are quite interesting, from small to large, to huge, all with their own kind of quirks and interesting ways of trying to kill you.

    There is an open demo this weekend if anyone wants to try it out, I would like to try this in four man squad, should be fun.

    And yes it has Voip.
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    Re: Anthem

    It was fun indeed, but like battlefield I don't bother with the weapon addons. Might be too old to be troubled with that.

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    Re: Anthem

    Would like to try it more with a squad so lets try to get it going on the weekend.

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    Re: Anthem

    Worth playing the game on your own for a couple of hours, go at your own pace and learn the game/controls/weapons/abilities etc

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    Re: Anthem

    Yeah that was the hardest mission if you havent played at all. So you might wanna play some easier ones first.
    This game needs some tactics for sure. You cant just rush in or your dead in seconds.
    One thing I noticed that I could freeze the enemies and after that its good to have another attacking him too and hell go down quite easily. So you should be close to others. And also use the shields.



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