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Thread: Generation Zero

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    Generation Zero

    Survival coop game coming out soon.

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    Re: Generation Zero

    Interesting, I was expecting the usual zombie horde.

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    Re: Generation Zero

    Its like paradise all the Swedes are gone and Finland can conquere the land

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    Re: Generation Zero

    I saw that show up in my suggestions today and was going to post about it.... looks great

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    Re: Generation Zero

    Stil a bit on the fence here. Will give you some gameplay (not by me ofcourse). Youngest watches these videos.

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    Re: Generation Zero

    Quote Originally Posted by FINArsi View Post
    Its like paradise all the Swedes are gone and Finland can conquer the land
    How is that paradise?

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    Re: Generation Zero

    Well lets just say that we Finns dont like the Swedes
    Its a neighbor thing.
    Just kidding (if any Swedes read this)

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    Re: Generation Zero

    This is free for the week. Anyone interested for testing it out?



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