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Thread: World War Z

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    World War Z

    Well this looks like it could be fun to play.

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    Re: World War Z

    Would totally be worth a try.

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    Re: World War Z

    Anyone interested in this?
    I could give it a try.

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    Re: World War Z

    2 short on time right now... sry

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    Re: World War Z

    Myself and Jazy will play this tomorrow if anyone is around, downloading it now.
    I think jazy is playing it now.

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    Re: World War Z

    Would join but its summertime and that means going to our cabin.
    If your gonna play it other I could try and join

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    Re: World War Z

    It's the new Left 4 Dead

    Really enjoyed it. It's also on sale atm for €20. Check it out on Epic Games store

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    Re: World War Z

    Really good fun to play, the hordes are awesome.

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    Re: World War Z

    Well if its good and you think youll play it more i might buy it when i get home

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    Re: World War Z

    Got it ready when tou guys play again.
    Send friend requests on Epic.



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