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Thread: Planetside Arena

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    Planetside Arena

    12 person squads, 300 players, combined arms, free to play.
    Gonna download and play, see what it's like and report back, roger-roger-boop.
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    Re: Planetside Arena

    Played a couple of rounds and it is a battle royal game, you only respawn if you get revived, if you die in a vehicle your round is over, same if you are not revived.
    Found it a bit boring, only got into a fight towards the end of the round, might be better playing with buddies and some teamwork.
    Can take a while to get into a game that is only 30% full which makes it boring.

    Might try it again the weekend see if more are playing, it is an early access game and they are supposed to be bringing more game modes, see wait and see I guess.

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    Re: Planetside Arena

    I read the reviews on steam and they were mostly negative. Battle royale is done better by other games out there aparently.

    Could be fun though....



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