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Thread: Forum Rules & Posting Regulations - read before posting!

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    Forum Rules & Posting Regulations - read before posting!

    Section7 Posting Regulations

    1) No posting of personal / racial / ethnic / gender-based insults, slurs or other offensive comments.

    2) No posting of adult content in any way

    3) No posting of illegal content or encouraging illegal intent (this includes pirated software/games, torrents etc)

    4) No posting of advertising or spam

    5) No copying of copyrighted publications, post links to legitimate websites instead

    6) No external recruiting in any way

    7) No swearing in any way

    8) Do not engage or start flamewars (also refered to as trolling)

    9) Have a positive and constructive attitude when posting.

    10) Do not create multiple threads with the same content.

    11) Stay on topic – permanet, intentional derailing of threads are not welcome.

    12) One forum account per person (if you wish to change your forum account name contact administration in the "Contact Site Adminstration" forum )

    13) When posting animated gifs (or other animated content) ensure they are not too large in size, both pixel and file size, in order to avoid long loading times. Admins may remove gifs (and other animated content) without warning.

    Action against you if you fail to comply with these rules or its intentions can range form an infraction notification to an instant ban, depending on the violation. Once three infractions are reached the account will be put under moderation. Any additional infraction will lead to a ban

    We can not have our eyes everywhere. So we also rely on you – the community to help us out here. If you see a rule beeing broken or feel that it goes against the spirit of a rule please use the “report” button and let us know about it. A moderator will take care of the situation as soon as possible.

    Signature Limitations

    A signature may contain up to five (5) lines of text (normal size or smaller), a single image with a maximum size of 450 horizontal pixels by 100 vertical pixels (450x100). Text and image in a signature underlie the same regulations as posting.

    Failure to comply will lead to an infraction notification as well as your signature being removed without warning.

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