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Thread: Beta patch!

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    Beta patch!

    I was just playing (after a fashion) for half an hour before bed when I saw a little Steam popup and the server chat going crazy.

    It's been patched! The bugs should be fixed, I'm testing when it's finished downloading the 700 MEG!!! update.

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    Re: Beta patch!

    another patch out today, 1.1gb, its the 3 new maps and fixes and ranking

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    Re: Beta patch!

    Very nice!

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    Re: Beta patch!

    Any noticable things in the patch?

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    Re: Beta patch!

    Week 1 of the Beta has been a great success with tens of thousands of players getting their first taste of Red Orchestra 2. With the players' help we've been able to uncover and address several issues including a particularly nasty server browser issue which was duly fixed. After opening up the RO2 Beta with 3 maps (Fallen Fighters, Apartments and Gumrak), we are cycling in 3 more maps for everyone later today:

    Grain Elevator - the iconic battle site in the south of Stalingrad featuring long range infantry fighting outdoors and room to room close quarters combat inside
    Red October Factory - night-time fighting in the factory ruins on an epic scale with infantry and tanks fighting side by side
    Barracks - a mix of close-quarter and medium-range combat, sure to be a fan favorite

    All 3 maps will have both Territory and Countdown game modes, while Barracks also has the Firefight mode.

    Screenshots for you on the front page!
    Unfortunately they've broken the server browser again (or so I'm told, it worked fine for me yesterday)

    They've also fixed a TON of bugs.



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