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    Server Information & Rules ArmA 2 server

    Server is running version 1.60 and BattleEye is enabled

    The server is currently set to ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead. The server is vanilla OA 1.60 and is entirely mod-free.

    As there is always a possibility of change, we will try to inform about them here, if and when they happen.

    The server is currently passworded, that password is: teamplay


    The 1.11. patch has the possibility to corrupt the -file. This leads to a Session lost -error when connecting to the server. If you get this you need to manually copy an uncorrupted version of the file to your Bohemia Interactive/ArmA 2/Dta -folder. You can find the file zipped at the end of this thread.
    This is first and foremost a Teamplay server. Everyone is encouraged to communicate using ingame VON or TeamSpeak. Using ingame chat is the minimum way to communicate.

    Teamspeak 3

    IP/Address =
    Port = 9987
    Password = teamplay

    Server Rules:

    Rules To Eliminate Bad Behaviour

    Rule: No Hacking, No Glitching
    Hacking is using an external program to hack the game and gain an advantage e.g. 'Aimbot'. Hacking is an instant ban.
    Glitching does not use an external program but exploits weaknesses in the game engine to gain unfair advantage eg finding a glitchy way to go inside walls, rocks, under the ground

    Rule: No Swearing, No Abusive Behaviour

    There is to be no swearing at S7, the F*** bomb is not acceptable
    Abusive behaviour is punishable and includes, racism, sexism, ageism, bullying unskilled players, etc
    This rule applies to text chat in game and spoken comms on VON and teamspeak

    Rule: No Griefing

    Do not grief your team-mates, do not obstruct your team-mates for stupid entertainment. Examples of this are;
    - blocking doorways, so your team-mates can't move past you
    - blocking traffic with your vehicle
    - standing on a vehicle spawn point so the vehicle will not spawn

    Rule: No Intentional Team-killing
    Accidental team-kills happen in any game, that is different from intentional team-killing which is anti-social. Some examples;
    - team-killing to gain a vehicle over a team-mate
    - getting angry with a team-mate and shooting them

    Rule: Play it as a Simulation

    ArmA 2 is a military simulation. When playing try to simulate real life battlefield behaviour. Your first priority is to stay alive and to keep your equipment working. Some examples;
    -No suicide attacks (except for insurgents on appropriate gamemodes)
    -No vehicle ramming to take out enemy vehicles
    -Dead men don't talk. Don't talk if you're dead!

    Rule: Don't Spoil Missions for Others
    Even if you have played the mission before and know exactly what is going to happen next. Some examples;
    -Don't warn about enemies prematurely
    -Don't anticipate situations that you wouldn't be able to if playing the mission for the first time

    Rules For Teamplay

    Rule: Play The Objective Of The Game-mode or Mission
    Each gamemode or mission has its own objective/purpose for the team/s, a set of dynamics for how a team can win
    Play to achieve this objective with the rest of the team

    Rule: Do Teamplay As A Squad
    This rule has several aspects;
    - Don't lonewolf within a squad and have a separate game from what the rest of your squad is doing
    - Teamplay with your squad, communicate together, have a common goal, stick together on the map, a squad should feel 'joined together'

    Rule: Do Follow Orders
    If your team has a commander you need to follow his orders. Same goes for following squad leader or fire-team leader orders.
    -You can suggest a course of action, but the official leader has the final say.
    -Listen to your leader. Don't talk when he talks!

    Rule: Do Communicate
    We like to talk at S7 ! Talking enables teamplay, it enables a squad to pull off successful strategic moves in game
    The most preferred communication is talking on ingame VON. Teamspeak can also be utilised if VON doesn't work or more complex communication procedures are needed.
    If a player is unable to talk via VON or Teamspeak, then they are still required to communicate with ingame text chat
    Use the right VON channels for talking!

    The first two channels should be used by players if they want to contact admins or there are some serious issues on the server.
    -Global channel is reserved for ingame admins
    -Side channel shouldn't be used while the mission is running as your whole team can hear you.
    Other channels should be used by the players accordingly.
    -Direct channel: To talk to people near you.
    -Group channel: To talk to people in your squad.
    -Vehicle channel: To talk to people in the same vehicle with you.
    -Command channel: For SL's and CO's communication.

    S7 Admin Policies

    The discipline procedure for rule breaking is warn >>> kick >>> ban
    Warnings can be skipped and a kick immediately issued for 1) repeat offenders 2) behaviour that is unbalancing the server
    Hacking & glitching & very abusive behaviour will get an immediate ban
    As far as possible discipline conversations between admins and players are to happen in private

    On Ingame Admining

    It is possible to be voted by co-players as admin in ArmA 2. If you are voted as admin please treat this position carefully. As the ingame admin your responsibility is mainly to setup missions and stop them if needed. If some serious issues arise that merit admin attention (distruptive bahavior, hacking etc.), please check Teamspeak or the forums if no official admin is ingame.

    In case if no admin can be found try to resolve the issue firstly by talking and directing the troublemaker to our server rules. Only kick players if this doesn't work and behavior is really disruptive. Always report these issues to the Contact an admin forum!!

    Contacting the administration

    With all this said we are always open for feedback conserning server rules, settings and missions. Feel free to post your suggestions and thought on the Contact an ArmA admin forum that can be found here. Only you and the admins can read the thread you start. Hence it's a good way approach us with questions, troubles and feedback.

    List of admins:

    Leonarrias (tech)
    OneEar (1er)

    Thank you for reading through this thread.
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